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Hotel Frederikshavn Seamen’s home was established in 1899 and is the oldest existing Seamen’s home.

The idea of a home for seamen in Frederikshavn was one of Captain Søren Thomsen. He was the leader of the bark ship “Auroritha” of Randers. During a hurricane in the West Indies, he experienced distress at sea and was converted to Christianity. From this moment on, he gathered his crew around and preached the word of God.

When he went ashore, he settled down in his childhood town Frederikshavn. He was passionate about doing something for the seamen, and he established a small seamen’s home in 1894.

His idea was that the seamen should have a place, “a home” to turn to, when they went ashore. A home without alcohol serving, where they could have a good time, relax, read the newspaper and write home to their families.

But the surroundings soon became too small and in 1899, Søren Thomsen moved the seamen’s home to Tordenskjoldsgade to a building, which he had built earlier on.

In 1905, the committee of Indenlandsk Sømandsmission (the domestic Seamen’s Mission) took over the Seamen’s home and employed the first manager couple.

During the years, the home has been expanded and renovated several times, latest in 2009/2010. Today, the so called Seamen’s home has been modernized and now named as Hotel Frederikshavn Sømandshjem (Seamen’s Home).

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