Information related to Covid-19

We are taking care

Safety for you and our staff has extra focus right now.

The hotel is open, but with precautions including entails reduced staffing / opening hours at reception.

  • We are here from 6.15 AM to 21 PM on weekdays and from  7.00 - 21 PM on weekends
  • There is, as a rule, unmanned check-in, from 21 PM - 6:15 AM
  • At check in, call +45 9842 0977 and we will guide you to your room and guide you around your stay during this time.
  • Breakfast is buffet and can be taken in the restaurant or in the room.
    • According to Danish rules, you must wear a mask when walking around the restaurant. Only after you have sat down in your seat must the mask be removed.
    • When using a buffet, use a disposable glove and use the buffet, with clean new service. THANKS
  • The above applies as long as the current government's elaborate framework applies.

Yours sincerely

Søren Mejlvang

2020 04 14 0903